Erioch's lament

draft: clockwork disappointment 2

After escaping Admech station using warp capable shuttle, team arrives at one of the pre-programmed evac destinations: hive world Belial. As later events unfolded, the destination was not a coincidence, for the underhive housed research station.
After reuniting with fellow Deathwatch Marine Brother Ragnar from the Space Wolves chapter, Kill-Team is hunted down by local PDF and IG forces as heretical tech priests convinced planetary governor it is the space marines who are dangerous heretics.

After reuniting with Brother Magron, who arrived in on another shuttle, Bloodhawk battled their way through the city to the entry point into the underhive. Highlights included: - Flipping Chimera with mechadendrites - K.O.’ing by bludgeoning with him autocannon - Low orbit Lance strike and ensuing vaporisation of solid part of the city by Admech explorator starship in an attempt to K.O. the Kill-Team - Ride through the shafts to an garbage incerinator


Ezekylle Ezekylle

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