Erioch's lament

I'm drowning in the Warp~


Things go south really fast rescue party reaches isolated Mechanicus stations in Orpheus Salient as it disappears into the Warp and has its Geller Field begins to fail shortly afterwards. It also appears that the local Tech-Priests were a little overzealous in their research of Tyranid organisms..

I was a Rogue Trader like you once..
..but then I took Astartes to the knee


During abortive mission to re-activate Watch Station Scapula, Bloodhawk thwarts plot of Gue’vesa traitors on Ravacene, comandeering Vladorf Kyro’s flagship, Herald of Profit, in the process.

Don't dig your Ebongrave
it's all fun and games until someone loses a regiment


Lord Commander Ebongrave is quite mad, at least so it seems after an audience.

Don't drool over Bruul



Production levels on Corvin VII have been falling steadily without any explanation. Normally, the matter would have been left to Inquisition, however Inquisitor Flavius Sec who had been conducting investigation disappeared without a trace in the underground Manufactorium district. The planet is crucial to ongoing war effort, providing supplies to both Hadex and Canis Salients and is therefore one few installations in the whole Reach where armaments and war material are produced locally and not shipped through the Maw.

KT is to locate and extract the Inquisitor if he is still alive. Alternatively, Kill-Team must investigate reasons behind his disappearance, stall of production and eliminate any threats which caused the situation.


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