Story so far

After successful completion of their first mission on a manufactorium world Corvin VII in Canis Salient, where Kill-Team Bloodhawk discovers massive Bruul infestation and saves Inquisitor Flavius Sec, Battle-Brothers Marius, Sepheron and Magron accompanied by Brother-Techmarine Asani were dispatched on a reconnaissance mission deeper into Canis Salient onboard Deathwatch Kill-Ship Final Mercy.


The Kill-Team answers the summons of Lord Commander Sebiascor Ebongrave and appears before the General on a Fortress World of Spite, learning that the Lord Commander might not be exactly of sound mind in the process. The Kill-Team then moved on to a secondary objective – reactivation of abandoned Watch Station Scapula on the very edge of the Salient.

Landing on Ravacene, Bloodhawk is instrumental in defending the world against major Tau incursion by exposing double-crossing Rogue Trading by the name of Vladorf Kyro and conducting surgical decapitation strike against the planetary high command of Tau local sympathisers, hidden away in their underground base.

Just as the traitors were about to open a second front to support Tau assault, Bloodhawk destroyed Gue’vesa commanders utterly, sabotaging the base as their made their extraction – crippling not only local command structure, but also eliminating large numbers of ground troops and vehicles, using the generals as a bait.

Despite Commandeering Herald of Profit, flagship of Kyro’s fleet, in a bold manoeuvre using hijacked Tau teleportarium, Bloodhawk was forced to abort their original mission as Brother-Techmarine Asani turned up missing in action, but not before taking aback Tau fleet by raining volleys of righteous fire using Herald’s macrobatteries against the unsuspecting Tau fleet before returning to Watch Station Erioch.


Erioch's lament

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