Erioch's lament

Fires of treachery

The underhive wasn't what it seemed, and it appears to be more about the AdMech station than it seemed..

Eventually, Bloodhawk battled their way through hordes of native mutants and pursuing heretics who seems to have been plaguing the planet for considerable amount of time. The investigation of the cult was the original mission of Brother Ragnar – being stranded on the planet, Bloodhawk joins Ragnar’s hunt in hopes to procure further evidence of heresy within Adeptus Mechanicus, cleaning their name in the eyes of planetary governor or, failing that, procuring transport off-world to bring dire news concerning their mission back to Watch Fortress Erioch.

As treacherous surface collapsed below the Marines, they plunged to a conveyor leading to a plasma incerinator.


Brother Magron, being equipped with a jump pack, was first to get on the high ground.. only to be knocked back on the conveyor unconscious moments later.

As Brothers Ragnar and Marius managed to climb upwards, they saw a Traitor Marine.


Was he the mastermind behind the cult? Faced The heretic chose to flee rather than facing wrath of vengeful Battle-Brothers.

With Brother Magron knocked out cold and well on his way into incinerator, Brother Sepheron abandoned his attempt to climb to safety, jumping back onto the conveyor to drag helpless Battle-Brother to safety. Unfortunately, the task wasn’t as simple as it seemed and both Brothers began slowly slumping into a fiery pit meter by meter. Brother Asani, rushed to their help, attaching himself using one of his mechadendrites to an external wall of the pit room, reaching out his second one for Sepheron to grab with a plan to dragging both still unconscious Magron, Sepheron and himself to relative safety. The wall, however, was not designed for holding combined weight of three marines and gave way, causing third Marine to drop alongside their brothers.


By that time Brother Magron came to his senses and used his jump pack to lift his brothers to a large mixer with four steel horizontal beams, which periodically descended from the top of the room to shuffle trash. Having ensured immediate safety of his brothers, Magron flew up to reach a control room some 15 meters above with the plan to disable the incinerator or find any alternative escape passageways. The traitor Marine, however, using maintenance passageways managed to get on a platform few meters above exterior of the control room, where Brother Magron was busy shattering reinforced plastglass to get inside, with a precise shot from his plasma pistol destroyed one of the thrusters of Brother Magron’s jet pack. Brother Magron spun wildly and, having lost control over his flight path, plunged hard on the trash below, perilously close to the flames and slide into the fiery maw. The heretic did not escape retribution for his heinous act: with a precision shot brother Asani destroyed attacker’s weapon, which exploded, severely crippling the traitor. Any chance of escape was cut off by Brothers Ragnar and Marius, who traced his steps. Full auto burst from Marius’ heavy bolter at close range did an excellent job in bringing retribution to Emperor’s foe. Even as Brother Marius was still firing, Brother Ragnar rushed at the heretic, with a mighty kick throwing the heretic off the platform – right into storm of smite bolts, conjured by Brother Sepheron. With help of Brother Ragnar, the team eventually navigated to the entrance of hidden Mechanicus Base. Overriding defence protocols was an easy task thanks for timely reaction of Brother Asani. Much more troubling was Brother Ragnar and Sepheron nearly came to blows when the latter perceived offense in Ragnar’s musings about nature of heretics.

Entrance of cohort of battle servitors interrupted growing tension. Another timely move allowed Brother Asani to enthrall the servitors by taking control of their programming, boosting Kill-Team’s firepower considerably.

The team proceeded relatively unobstructed to the inner sanctum of the base – a functional and running cruiser-grade warp drive.


It is then where corrupted AdMechs caught up with the Kill-Team. Determined to bury the truth of their misdeeds, a hereteks teleported massive forced beneath the surface. With Brother Asani conversing with the capricious Machine Spirits of the Warp Drive, and thus unable to directly participate in battle, the Kill-Team held firm against waves upon waves of elite Skitarii, battle-servitors and their heretek herders.

In culminating moment of battle, Skitarii found themselves surrounded and swiftly annihilated in a surprise attack, their teleportation beacons destroyed, cutting them from further reinforcements.

Unwelcome help arrived from an unexpected quarter..



Ezekylle Ezekylle

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